Wednesday, 29 April 2015

28 more members of our Lib/Lab/Con hall of shame since 22 April

We thought it might be time to update our list of 291 Lib/Lab/Con councillors who've been in trouble: after all, a week has passed, and so there are another 28 since the 22nd April.

*The point of the list is not that none of them were subsequently cleared but rather that the BBC would have opened a dedicated channel for any of them who were UKIP. Who saw on the BBC National News the 2 Labour candidates - one a PPC - convicted of fraud last Friday?

The list is correct in that there are 319 councillors from other parties who have been arrested, convicted, sentenced, stood down, been disgraced, associated with criminals, questioned in the local press about unethical actions or who have been plain useless, incompetent or offensive. Nope not Hope makes no other claims in relation to it.

As to 'wives and children', we refer the BBC to 'Nigel Farage says German wife not taking British job' from their own website.*

Latest members of our hall of shame are below:


Witham Labour PPC returns to Twitter after sexist 'pretty Bond villain' comments about Tory MP -

Derby Tory candidate refers to Miliband as 'the Jew' in online conversation -

Goldsmith's NUS (who fund Hope not Hate) Welfare Officer Bahar Mustafe bars white people from anti-racism seminar -

Tower Hamlets First still playing race card as deputy mayor describes mayor's conviction as 'Islamophobia' -


Fife Labour councillor criticises police priorities after they throw him and colleagues out of hotel they refused to leave -

3 Middlesbrough Labour candidates reported to police for making false statements on election literature -


Rochdale Labour councillor's son released without charge after attempting to join ISIS in Syria -


Labour suspend Wirral councillor, but won't say what for. Councillor says its 'purely procedural' -
Electoral Fraud

Lib Dems suspend Surry parliamentary candidate over claims he falsified nomination papers -

Blackburn Labour candidate arrested and bailed on electoral fraud charges over postal vote irregularities -

Family of Lib Dem councillor whose 2012 election was quashed after fraud conviction are convicted of same offence -

Postal vote fraud 'easy' says Electoral Commissioner (but they're not doing anything about it) -

 Newcastle man charged over threat to behead UKIP candidate -

"Get out or else" - Hope not Hate/UAF vandals attack UKIP shop in Herne Bay, paint threats on windows -
HnH still trying to tie UKIP and the EDL in Grimsby after their tall tales about 'intimidation' earlier this week -
6 attacks on UKIP signs in Sunderland, including a home being broken into while the family were asleep -
4 UKIP signs go missing within a day in Kirklees, a town with a Hope not Hate presence -
Another UKIP sign defaced in North Devon as the opposition start to get worried -
UKIP Derby resort to protecting posters with CCTV after wave of political vandalism -
Links with Criminals:

Labour Lord Mayor of Oxford & 2 Lab councillors give references for man convicted of armed robbery at bookies -

Former Hartlepool Labour leader joins calls for Labour mayor to resign over job lies -

IoW Tory MP threatens UKIP candidate with legal action amid continuing claims about his health -
Havant Tory PPC 'over-egged' CV during primary selection contest: wriggles as claims come under scrutiny -

Sutton Lib Dems force through 2.2% pay rise for councillors, defeat motion to record who voted in favour -

Labour Sefton Council reject inquiry calls into Sefton school paying Mayor of Liverpool for 2 years for no work -

Tory Thanet South candidate's business advises immigrants on how to maximise benefit claims -

Retired teacher awaits apology after Labour councillor urinates in his garden in Paisley -

Cornwall Council to introduce checks on all councillors following Lib Dem 'serous risk to children' councillor -

The downloadable list of the other 291 since January 1st can be found at or downloaded from or read in the preview panel below:


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