Sunday, 22 December 2013

HnH Xmas Party - Reach Arounds all round, according to Collins

Hope not Hate's Xmas party will be fun this year with the revelation that 'reach arounds' are official policy. This was confirmed by HnH's former BNP thug and current Director of Intelligence Matthew Collins on Twitter earlier today as he commented on Tory minister Anna Soubry's comments regarding anal sex which were directed towards UKIP leader Nigel Farage.

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HnH's Morphett photoshops details on latest 'expose': not spin, an outright lie

Hope not Hate's latest 'expose' of UKIP members with links to the far right has just been written in rather excitable style by Simon Cressy, the pseudonym for Carl Morphett.

According to Morphett, "Only three days away from Christmas and those lovely people in UKIP have given us a smashing present for us to unwrap in time for the big day". It could take some time, because the wrapping is quite complicated. Essentially, three former NF activists once belonged to a party - Third Way - set up by a person who now works for Nick Griffin. At some point but over a decade ago Third Way changed its name to the National Liberals. According to Morphett, this is clear proof that UKIP is linked to racists.

Morphett has photoshopped out the
'added by' details and altered
Davies position within UKIP
There are several problems with his breathless logical fallacy. The first is that it is an open group, meaning people can be added to it without their knowledge or consent. This is easily spotted by the 'added by' information under the members names. You would be able to see this on the screen grab Morphett helpfully appended to his post, except that he has photoshopped it out. You can see the two versions on this page. Certainly in the case of Davies, he did not join this group, he was added to it. Don't believe me? Go take a look - just search on Facebook for National Liberals.

We move on to the other two UKIP activists Morphett names -
Arthur Thackeray and Alexander Balkan. Morphett does not appear to have photoshopped their entries in the list of members, and they appear to have joined themselves.

How Davies entry actually looks
If this makes them racist, then I wonder how Morphett explains the membership of some of the other group members? I have screen grabbed some images, but among the other people he feels are also allied to the National Front and the BNP because of their membership of this group are Ruby Akhtar, Shira Singh, Sabiha Choudhury, Paul Siwela, Samer Reza, Tarig Anter, Thabisa Mabhena, Majid Sandilo etc etc. You get the idea. Bloody racists.

The point about Morphett is that he is not an internet amateur - this is what he does for a living with Hope not Hate. He has not made a mistake, and he is well aware of how these groups work. He knows that Davies did not sign up to the group voluntarily, but he has deliberately removed the wording which proves it. This is not spin. It is not propaganda. It is not a mistake. It is a deliberate lie intentionally done to smear the name of Davies.

It is also worth noting that if he found these three UKIP members in the group, he could hardly fail to have noticed Akhtar, Singh, Choudhury, Siwela etc. I don't know how Thackeray and Balkan came to join the group - perhaps they just hit 'accept' on an invite, perhaps they intentionally joined. Either way, it is no more proof of racism than it is proof of the other member's racism. Particularly as Morphett - under a pseudonym - is also a member.

Interestingly, Edward Davies was added to the National Liberals group by Richard Byng. Byng joined facebook in September, just weeks before he started adding people to the National Liberal group. Amongst his FB 'likes' are Radical Independence Campaign Scotland - the group which barricaded Nigel Farage in a Scottish pub, and who have close links to both Hope not Hate and the UAF. This looks more and more like a set up.

Racist members of the
National Liberals
Facebook Page

Sunday, 8 December 2013

Wasting police time, and condemning the opposition for saying what your own supporters say

Hope not Hate continue to lay into a hapless former BNP supporter in Lincolnshire by the name of Dean Everitt. His name has previously come up in our article here, where we pointed out the stupidity of suggesting that UKIP was comprised of former BNP people just because Everitt said 'Vote UKIP' - as stupid as suggesting that Dennis MacShane's very public support of Hope not Hate implied that all HnH supporters were thieving toe-rags. That is not true, of course - most of them are just stupid, and taken in by the lie that Hope not Hate 'fight racism', when in fact they fight parties which look set to take Labour votes.

The latest assault on Everitt is over his homophobia. The actual content is not really contested - it is homophobic, but not particularly any more homophobic than content which Hope not Hate happily allow on their own comments stream so long as it is directed against people they don't like. Who could forget such pricelessly inclusive comments as

Naturally, as Tahair - we assume given his name - is Islamic, there's not a word of official complaint from Hope not Hate, although the poster immediately afterwards does suggest that homophobia is perhaps not the best approach to use. And in fairness, nobody else used it that day: instead, they called for the EDL to be urinated on, beaten, 'given it up the arse' (although that could be
Carl Morphett - adapting the methods of
fascism quite nicely
homophobia!) and then decided that 'retard' and 'chav' were more suitable. Mockery of the mentally ill is of course a long established trait in inclusive Hope not Hate.

What really puts the icing on the cake however is Carl Morphett's (writing as Simon Cressy) assertion that

"We will be passing these posts onto Lincolnshire Police as well as the local media in Lincolnshire, I'm sure they will be very interested."

I'm sure they will be. The figures below show crime figures in Lincolnshire Police's area for the most recent month available - October 2013. With 4,876 crimes reported, the police have nothing better to do than investigate politically motivated reports about victimless crimes on Facebook. Still, as Morphett claims benefits in his home town, it's not him who will have to pay the taxes which pay for such wastes of police time. Perhaps he will however be consistent and also inform the police about the homophobic rants of Hope not Hate's supporters?

Anti-SocialBurglaryRobberyVehicle CrimeViolent CrimeOther CrimeTotal
Oct 20131,70848312288539


Goebbels - Morphett learns his lessons well, while claiming to hate fascism.

Regular readers will not be surprised to discover yet more hypocrisy from Hope not Hate. Their latest 'Purple Rain' article sees an attack on UKIP councillor Victoria Ayling for comments made in a video while she was a Conservative Party member. In 2008. Still, not a reason to not attack UKIP, eh? And Hope not Hate are having their coffers surreptitiously replenished by both Lord Ashcroft for the Tories and Lord Mandelson for Labour, so neither of them are fair targets regardless of what they do. There is a certain irony however as even as they attack Ms Ayling for using her right to freedom of speech, they are complaining about the possibility of themselves being gagged.
Extremism in action - How dare Ayling suggest she has freedom of speech?

Righteous anger - how dare the government try to halt our campaign against freedom of speech?
Still, nobody said their campaign had to be consistent or make sense, did they? Carl Morphett has learned the lessons of Goebbels well for somebody who professes to hate fascism.
“That propaganda is good which leads to success, and that is bad which fails to achieve the desired result. It is not propaganda’s task to be intelligent, its task is to lead to success.”
― Joseph Goebbels