Friday, 27 March 2015

I'm not voting UKIP because.....

Hope not Hate have recently launched their "I'm not voting UKIP because" campaign, where they encourage people to write in and tell them why they are so opposed.

Here at Nope not Hope, we were a little worried they'd censor some of their biggest supporters in the interests of political correctness. So, in the interests of free speech, we thought we'd help out a little and create some posters which more accurately reflect their 'members' beliefs.

We're always open to suggestions, so if you create any yourself, please let us know.


Sunday, 22 March 2015

'Scum' mob lead by Green Party member and PCS NEC member with links to Diane Abbott and Chukka Umunna

The mob which attacked UKIP leader Nigel Farage in a Kent pub was lead by Green Party member and 'Stand up to UKIP' activist Dan Glass and PCS Union NEC member and Hope not Hate activist Zita Holbourne, it can be revealed.

Holbourne was recently pictured at the House of Commons with Labour MPs Chukka Umunna and Diane Abbott (not really a surprise, is it?). She appeared on a platform at the TUC conference with PCS Deputy President Kevin McHugh vowing to 'develop campaigns with Hope not Hate and Unite Against Fascism' to stop UKIP. Is this the sort of action they had in mind, attacking a family while they ate lunch? Intimidating a couple of teenage girls?

Holbourne is a co-chair of BARAC (black activists rising against cuts) with Lee Jasper. Regular readers may remember Jasper as a former deputy mayor of London until leaving under a financial cloud after being accused of using the public's money to make unauthorised grants to an organisation run by a woman he was banging. He also regularly appears on platforms with Green Party leader Natalie Bennett and with Jasna Badzak, the fraudster currently awaiting trial on harassment charges following her conviction for stealing from UKIP MEP Gerard Batten a year or so ago.

Glass meanwhile is a professional campaigner against, well, everything. From airport runways to NHS cuts, he's a typical middle-class Green Party watermelon - green on the outside, red on the inside. A member of the 'Green Left' movement - it's far enough left to make Josef Stalin look like a liberal - he is also an activist with the union funded 'Stand up to UKIP' movement. His Facebook page is a web of organisations which protest against things, but its rather harder to find something that he's for besides a lot of protesting. He does write for the Guardian periodically, and says of himself:

So far, we have involvement in this from the Labour Party, the big unions, Stand up to UKIP, UAF, the Green Party, Hope not Hate and the SWP. Anyone care to take a bet on how many will apologise?
So far, there is apparent silence from Hope not Hate on the attack, which is rather surprising as they normally post anything to do with UKIP within minutes of it hitting the news. Its not as if they're not posting, as they continue to post UKIP related stories, but for some reason when Hope not Hate activists attack the leader of UKIP during a family lunch, they don't think its newsworthy. Strange, huh?

Thursday, 19 March 2015

When Hope not Hate talk about 'open and honest debate', they do so in poor faith

Hope not Hate's self-justifying article 'The 2015 UKIP threat' states in its midst:

"There is nothing wrong about talking about immigration or even expressing concern about the rate of change or immigration policy – in fact HOPE not hate has always argued that we need a much more honest and open discussion about the subject. But it is the manner of this debate that is so important."

Which leads us to wonder why later in the same article they bring up the subject of the repatriation of
immigrants. Still on he Hope not Hate website is an article copied from the Observer newspaper during the Newark by-election focussing on UKIP candidate Roger Helmer. Inspired by Hope not Hate research, the Observer attacked Helmer for comments in his book 'A Declaration of Independence', stating

"Voluntary repatriation, in which legal immigrants are given financial assistance to leave the UK, was supported at the last election only by the BNP. The last time the policy was accepted by a mainstream party was in 1970, when it was a cause of the Tory MP Enoch Powell and featured in his party's manifesto."

As we wrote at the time, voluntary repatriation of immigrants who wished to return to their country of origin was first included in Section 29 of the Immigration Act 1971, and the scheme was expanded by the Blair government in the Nationality, Immigration & Asylum Act 2002. It remains in force.

The Observer - following a complaint to the Press Complaints Commission - had the grace to apologise for the error, print a correction and withdraw the article from their website. Visitors to Hope not Hate's pages who follow the link in their article will find that it leads to a 'dead' page on the Observer.

Hope not Hate - who monitor the media both personally and via their US based consultants - can hardly fail to have missed the Observer's correction, or that voluntary repatriation was introduced by the Conservative government in 1971 and expanded hugely by the Blair government in 2002. Have they withdrawn their own version of the article, which is however you look at it simply untrue? No. So when they say

"HOPE not hate has always argued that we need a much more honest and open discussion about the subject"

Remember that what they mean by 'honest and open' is continuing to publish something which is not just spin or a matter of interpretation, but what in the old days was considered a straight lie. An untruth. A falsehood. And no 'open and honest' debate can start with such a blatant display of poor faith.

Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Spotlight on Hope not Hate #4: HnH ignore Lib Dem PPC who labelled people 'retards'

Last May, Hope not Hate were in full outrage mode as they attacked a UKIP candidate in Dudley for daring to use the word 'retard'. That candidate is now a councillor in Dudley having won his seat despite HnH's repeated attacks on him, but it is interesting to see how they deal with a Liberal Democrat candidate who branded council officers 'retards'. Their preferred method for dealing with
Powell - luckily for him, HnH don't much care
about people being labelled 'retards' unless
its done by UKIP
indiscretions by the 'Tory lite' party has so far been absolute silence.

Pontypridd Lib Dem Councillor and PPC Mike Powell labelled local council officials and contractors 'retards' in a Facebook posting in a dispute over progress on a Lido complex in one of the town's parks, and was subsequently forced to apologise publicly.

It hardly needs saying that had it been a UKIP candidate - let alone a councillor - who'd dared to call someone a 'retard' it would be headline news on Hope not Hate, and probably front page of the Daily Mirror as well. But as we saw with Labour's Selby 'racist' 10 days ago, they have no interest in standing against discrimination, racism or anything else - just in standing against UKIP. If you needed a lesson in how frightened their union paymasters are of UKIP, this is it.

We mentioned earlier how HnH had previously attacked a UKIP candidate who called someone a retard. It is worth taking a look at some screen grabs taken from Hope not Hate's own Facebook page. You will see that slurs on the mentally ill and calling people retards is pretty standard fare for Hope not Hate supporters.
Hope not Hate supporters calling the EDL 'retards'
on HnH's Facebook page

Hope not Hate - still cheering for the BNP in Bradford

Paul Cromie, former BNP councillor
supported by Hope not Hate
Hope not Hate's latest 'Purple Rain' post by 'Simon Cressy' focussing on UKIP attacks UKIP's Bradford branch after someone realised that their printing company does their printing work in Germany and not the UK. We're not quite sure what significance this has, as UKIP have never made any secret of their free-trade credentials, but we assume that when it comes to Bradford, Hope not Hate have a vested interest.
Readers may recall the local elections last year, where Nick Lowles, HnH's owner, personally congratulated a former BNP councillor who remains a close friend of Nick Griffin for his success in narrowly holding his seat from a strong UKIP challenge:

"Former BNP councillor, turned Independent, Paul Cromie, has fought off a strong challenge from UKIP in his Queensbury ward, in Bradford. Well done Paul!"

Hope not Hate's now deleted message of support for the
far right in Bradford
This was followed in December last year by howls of mock outrage after Bradford man Peter Finan claimed he felt 'intimidated' because UKIP wrote him a letter. It later turned out that the 'political innocent' was a foul mouthed twitter user with close links to the watermelon wing of the Green Party and a long history of directing abusive tweets against UKIP.

Bradford West is of course a Labour target seat. Represented by George Galloway - who is hated by HnH - and with Respect looming large in the constituency, their hope is that Naz Shah can recapture the seat. Shah, who has made a career out of being the daughter of a murderer, and whose charity - Sharing Voices (Bradford) - submitted qualified accounts to the Charity Commission less than 6 months ago, is the last minute replacement after shenanigans in the local Labour Party saw the original candidate resign within days of selection.

With the fall-out from Labour's problems in Rotherham spreading across the Yorkshire constituencies it is little wonder that HnH are desperate to halt the rise of UKIP. Scraping the barrel about the location of a printer's workshop is a sure sign of an organisation with nothing left to say.

Spotlight on Hope not Hate #3: Disgraced Hope not Hate activist of the week

Its always a difficult matter to narrow the field of Labour and Lib Dem councillors - let alone trade union activists - to select the most disgraced Hope not Hate activist of the week as there are just so many to choose from.

This week the winner is chosen from a packed field. And a special mention is due to runner-up, Labour councillor Andy Williams of Selby, for his 'racist' complaint about 'Polish piss artists' on a local bench.

But, without further ado, the winner;

Councillor Vi Dempster, Leicester City Council and until last week deputy mayor with responsibility
Vi Dempster, Labour councillor and protector of child abusers
in the name of anti-racism: our disgraced 'Hope not Hate'
Activist of the Week!
for children's services. Removed from her position after it was discovered that council plans to protect children had actually left hundreds of the most vulnerable exposed to serious risk of physical and sexual abuse. Dempster had previous worked on the 'Respect' program run by the city council with input from Hope not Hate in the form of pretend journalist, Hope not Hate 'consultant' and professionally outraged 17 year old Owen Jones. We're sure that between them they agreed that suggestions that certain taxi drivers and kebab shop owners were responsible for grooming were nothing but 'racism'.

Good old Vi went into print just a couple of days later to say she had 'no excuses' for what had happened, before setting out a list of excuses including staff shortages, resignations of senior staff, etc, etc. That the staff left because of her plans and the risk they put children at in the interests of 'anti-racism' is mentioned nowhere.

So, thank you Hope not Hate. Thank you, Owen Jones. And thank you, New Labour. Thanks to you, paedophiles and child groomers can sleep soundly in their beds in Leicester thanks to your efforts.

Saturday, 7 March 2015

HnH Activists pay Jim Carver's office a visit - Spotlight on Hope not Hate #2

Continuing our series looking at what Hope not Hate mean in practise, news reaches us that some of their activists paid UKIP MEP Jim Carver's office a visit last night. The display window was smashed, and paint was thrown over the windows and internal fittings.
Jim Carver's Kidderminster shop - redecoration provided by Hope not Hate

Of course, Hope not Hate will say that it's 'nothing to do with us or our activists' and that they 'deplore violence'. But as we saw in Wales recently, those who attacked the UKIP shop in Penarth were active supporters of Hope not Hate, as were those they were affiliated with, including 2 Green Party PPCs and 2 Labour councillors.

And let's not forget Hope not Hate's contribution whenever there is a far-right event: tweeting and Facebooking the precise locations of far-right activists to help their fellow travellers in Unite Against Fascism find them to ensure that there's a punch up.

The simple truth is that Jim's shopfront is merely the latest casualty of the politics of division, hate and envy that Hope not Hate seek to spread. You'll see no condemnation - and perhaps some triumphalism - on the HnH pages, but not all hate is equal: Nick Lowles is quite happy to condone just about anything directed at UKIP or the party's windows.

Friday, 6 March 2015

Spotlight on Hope not Hate: 'racist' Selby Labour Councillor Andy Williams

Labour back, union funded Hope not Hate are currently running a 'Spotlight on UKIP' campaign
having given up any pretence at being concerned about actual discrimination or racism. With Labour facing a mauling at the hands of UKIP in its heartlands, we understand why HnH have decided to sell out completely, but in the meantime we're a little concerned that their supporters are no longer being told about racism as HnH no longer even pretend to campaign against it.

We have decided therefore to fill the void left by their silence and take a look at cases which spring up across the country.

Today's case involves Labour Councillor Andy Williams, a member of Selby Town Council. In an e-mail to fellow councillors regarding lofty matters of state (the location of a bench on Scott Road in the town), Cllr Williams said;

"Clearly we don’t want Polish ‘piss artists’ holding bonfires and 24-hour alcoholic binges.
“The attraction must be that it is secluded. My worry is that once a ‘den’ has been established, it won’t matter if the bench is there or not, they will just sit on the ground under the trees.”

You can imagine the ire - not to mention the pages of the Daily Mirror which would be devoted to it - had such a comment stereotyping sections of the Polish community in such a way been made by a UKIP candidate.

The full story can be found here -