Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Andrew Scott, the man charged with hitting Nigel Farage with a placard: picture

Following the news that a man has been charged with assaulting Nigel Farage at yesterday's meeting in Margate, we had a bit of a dig around to see if we could find out anything about him. A profile in the name of Andrew Michael Scott was rapidly found, although it contained little of interest. His main occupation appeared to be entering contests online and posting the results. There was nothing political on it, and we would have moved on, except..... while we were having a look, the profile disappeared - we can only assume that he got home from court and either removed it or locked it down despite it not being entirely clear whether it was or was not the profile of the correct Andrew Scott.

We were not downhearted. His profile stated that he was in a relationship and gave his partner's name. Her profile was not locked down, and again was full of little apart from online competition entries. The sole clue was a notice for The Mass Sleep Out in Folkestone last August, an anti-austerity protest organised by the People's Alliance. On going to their page and looking at the attendees, there was another 'Andy Scott' listed, and their profile was full of the usual anarchist and SWP slogans, although it listed them as living in London and there were few connections to Margate. But was this Andy Scott the same person as the Andrew Michael Scott whose profile had disappeared?

The answer was in the cats. The Andy Scott profile was quite heavily locked down as well, with no visible photographs except some anodyne cover pictures. One of these featured a picture of two cats sitting on a fence which had been posted to the group "Group for anarchists to post pictures of their cats in" - no, really! Now, where had we seen those cats before? On Andrew Michael Scott's girlfriends profile! We checked back, and there they were, with her explaining how they were her cats.

And so, we give you a picture of Andrew Michael Conway Scott, the man charged with assaulting Nigel Farage in Margate. Although the profile we looked at first is gone, his second, is here although we suspect it won't last for long. We have removed his girlfriend's face from the photograph, as she is charged with nothing, and have not - and will not - release her name.

Interestingly, Scott was a supporter of Councillor Ian Driver's bid for election to Kent County Council - at which he failed - and was one of 79 members of the group Vote Ian Driver for Kent County Council. Driver is the Thanet District Council Green (former Labour) councillor who attended the demonstration. Interestingly, in the group is an article by Driver calling for the UK to leave the European Union. Naturally, when Driver calls for it, it's not racist, only when UKIP does!

*Note - the man charged is the one wearing the black hoodie in the video, not the fat one with the green shirt!

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