Thursday, 30 January 2014

Greens select SWP watermelon for Wythenshawe & Sale East

The Green Party have selected a typical watermelon (green on the outside, red on the inside) as their candidate for the Wythenshawe & Sale East by-election. Further education lecturer (what else) Nigel Woodcock is their man of choice who wrote this letter to Socialist Worker, in which he said:

Nigel Woodcock, Green Party
watermelon candidate
In Marxist terms, society is divided into two basic classes. Most of us are forced to sell our labour, so we are working class. The distance between the working class and the “middle class” is tiny when compared to that between the broad mass of people and the ruling elite.....We have a critique of capitalism and elite power. The Green Party is one where socialists can operate. It is misleading to say that we believe in “individualistic solutions” to the problems we face. Solutions must be collective and must start with global economic justice....This is not instead of collective solutions based on mass movements and redistribution of wealth, but as well as. We do not believe that the SWP advocates wastefulness or other unethical behaviour from its members....We have a bright future ahead of us and hope to be key players in creating a society with a redistributive agenda. We’d like to be alongside you in this struggle.

Quite apart from his support for the rape apologists at the SWP, he also administers an anti-Sun newspaper Facebook group. Other interesting Facebook groups he belongs to include a whole host of vegan and vegetarian groups - no wonder he looks like he needs a decent steak - and the Morning Star reader's group: the Morning Star being the UK's communist daily newspaper. Interestingly, he also belongs to the EDL group, but I dare say we won't see Hope not Hate attacking him for that.

On Twitter, he follows (of course) the SWP, UAF, Socialist Resistance, Green Left and a host of other extreme left wing causes.

What could local resident expect if they were to defy common sense and elect a true working class hero from, erm, Maidenhead in Berkshire? There's a group on Facebook called 'We want a congestion charge in Manchester'. Woodcock is the sole member.

We can only suppose that the Green Party had little choice but to choose Woodcock. He's the only Green Party member north of Watford with a job, and those deposits are hard to come by for elections!

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