Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Hope not Hate laughably claim Basildon meeting was switched to Thurrock

A supporter on Facebook has just brought to our attention the claim by Nick Lowles that last nights anti-UKIP meeting in Basildon was switched to Thurrock, with Lowles claiming that they were 'smarter than the average bear'.

That might be true for the hand-picked little clique he surrounded himself with to ensure that he got the answer he wanted as part of his 'consultation' exercise.

Luckily, apart from the dozen people who were opposed to Lowles plans, no other members of the general public turned up in Basildon. Like his opponents, they would not have heard of the change of venue either, but had any of the public been interested, Lowles was clearly quite happy to abandon them there while he and the other three people that constitute the 'general public' for the purposes of his farcical exercise in democracy decamped to somewhere safer. With a nice restaurant, some good wine and no ghastly working class people about.

We can't help but feel that nothing demonstrates better the contempt Lowles has for the general public, and what a farce his 'consultation' exercise really is. In fact, it works much better when the working class is excluded, because they only muddy the water by insisting that being worried about immigration is not racist, something which doesn't chime with Lowles and his determinedly middle class gang.


  1. they are a bunch of numpties

  2. What your missing is numpties paul pitt and bob taylor got themselves on the 'fash mailing list' :-)

  3. Hence they were sent to the wrong place...

  4. As did the two HnH supporters who were in the hall when Hazel from HnH phoned to say it was cancelled, and the other HnH supporters who turned up. Please see our later update - we made a mistake in thinking no HnH supporters arrived. They were left in the lurch by Lowles, who ran away.

  5. yo ho ho i once went to tesco's but found out when i arrived it was infact the swimming pool.

  6. Nick is that you?