Saturday, 8 June 2013

Parker objects to us, but makes no mention in his threats to kill of Hope not Hate's article

Following on from yesterdays post on Hope not Hate's 'exposure' of a UKIP member who never was, word reaches me of Mr Parker's intervention.

Two people who really are UKIP supporters posted links to yesterdays post on Facebook, and were contacted by Mr Parker.

Mick Parker - Thick wannabe
or Hope not Hate plant?
He politely mentioned to one "I will find you and I will fuckin kill you take my picture of that fuckin website now", while to the other he said, "you fuck prick ill find you and kill you watch look out your fucki dead you fuckin scum", before adding "you dead you cunt".

What a lovely chap. I might ask him around for tea and some cucumber sandwiches. Strange though how although he objected to his picture being used in my article, he doesn't seem to have objected to Hope not Hate's original article which 'exposed' him as a UKIP member.

He has apparently taken his picture down now. In case you've forgotten what he looks like, I'll add it to this post. He has been reported to the police for making threats to kill, and I will keep you updated as events unfold.

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