Thursday, 13 June 2013

Companies House believes Nick Lowles to be MI5 Agent!

Whilst looking through some of the company documentation concerning Hope not Hate, we came across this little gem.

On the 25th October last year, some wag filed a Form CH01(ef) 'Change of Particulars for Director' form in relation to Hope not Hate (Services) Ltd on behalf of Nick Lowles, Hope not Hate's head honcho.

This form recorded a change of occupation for Lowles, and gives his new occupation as "MI5 Agent".
Nick Lowles - officially an MI5 Agent,
according to Companies House!

There is no way of knowing who filed the document as it was submitted electronically, but page two of the filing, headed 'Authorisation', notes that it was 'Authenticated' by one of the following: Director, Secretary, Person Authorised, Administrator, Administrative Receiver, Receiver, Receiver Manager, Charity Commission Receiver and Manager, CIC Manager, Judicial Factor.

In our opinion, it is either some jester on the far-right - although it seems a little beyond their normal range of humour - or this is some continuing fall out from the split with Searchlight. Either way, it is a source of some amusement.

And before you start thinking we're all conspiracy nuts, no, we don't believe he is really an MI5 agent!!

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