Tuesday, 13 May 2014

UKIP MEPs home attacked with bricks as campaign of hate against UKIP steps up.

News reaches us that the campaign of violence and intimidation against UKIP has been stepped up a notch. UKIP's London MEP Gerard Batten and his wife were woken at 3:30am this morning by a loud noise in their house. On getting up and investigating they could see nothing and assuming their cat had knocked something over they went back to bed. 45 minutes later, they were woken again by a loud bang followed by the sounds of breaking glass. There was no mistaking the cause this time, as on coming downstairs to investigate they discovered a house brick in the middle of their living room and their living room window smashed. Police are investigating and reviewing local CCTV footage.

This is just the latest in a string of increasingly heated attacks on UKIP supporters, activists and premises and comes just hours before a UKIP meeting in Hove this evening which is expected to be heavily picketed by Hope not Hate and UAF activists. At UKIP's last meeting in the area, Hope not Hate activists verbally abused and intimidated pensioners they believed to be attending the UKIP meeting only to discover that they were in fact blood donors attending a regular NHS donor session in the same building.

Nothing to do with Hope not Hate, says Lowles

Elsewhere, UKIP leader Nigel Farage was assaulted by Hope not Hate activist Andrew Scott in Margate - Scott was subsequently convicted - and by HnH/UAF activist Fred Glenister in Nottingham. Glenister is awaiting trial.

UKIP billboards across the country have been repeatedly targeted in an organised campaign of
destruction, with hard left activists encouraged to post pictures of their handiwork on a Facebook page. Look into the active member's profiles, and you'll see plenty of likes for the usual hard left suspects - UAF, SWP, AntiFa, Hope not Hate and all the rest, mostly combined with 'likes' for various Green Party organisations. The Greens are currently the subject of an internal takeover attempt by the hard left which wants to turn them from watermelons into tomatoes. Hope not Hate and UAF of course claim no responsibility for this and deny it is anything to do with them. Most of the poorly spelt slogans painted onto the UKIP billboards are taken directly from Hope not Hate and UAF literature.

MEPs windows and UKIP billboards aren't the only targets for damage, however. In Plymouth, the UKIP shop on Mutley Plain has had its windows smashed 3 times since
Smashed UKIP shopfront on
Mutley Plain, Plymouth
March. In the Wythenshawe by-election, hard left activists daubed the windows with paint on three occasions, broke in and stole equipment on once occasion and stormed the premises while it was open on one occasion, stealing leaflets and letting off stink bombs. Elderly UKIP by-election campaigners were insulted and threatened while canvassing, and council house tenants were threatened with the loss of their housing unless they removed UKIP posters.

Meanwhile, UKIP meetings have been increasingly targeted by elements of the hard left who find intimidation easier than argument. 'Stand up to UKIP' another SWP front organisation has seen it's demonstrations publicised across many groups - including the billboard group - as Hope not Hate continues to publicise yet another SWP front organisation, Love Music Hate Racism (run by SWP rapist Martin Smith).

Concerns are being raised at UKIP about how long it will be before these increasingly aggressive tactics turn into open violence, particularly given the large UKIP vote expected on the 22nd. Several 'anti fascist'  groups have published the home addresses of UKIP MEPs on their Facebook pages with the suggestion that members 'pay them a visit', while the intimidatory tactics directed at UKIP supporters grow ever closer to open violence. Last week's UKIP public meeting in Westminster saw SWP, UAF and Hope not Hate activists debating whether to use racist terms such as 'coconut' and 'oreo' to describe UKIP candidates from ethnic minorities in a further sign of the lengths they are prepared to go to in order to deter public support for UKIP.

Are Hope not Hate and UAF responsible for the actions of their activists? By their own standards of attacking UKIP based on what isolated individuals say then yes, they are. And yet these are not isolated incidents: UKIP has had a handful of individuals who have said or done stupid things, and has dealt with them all swiftly. This campaign against UKIP of violence, intimidation, assaults both verbal and physical, and criminal damage is widespread and being conducted by significant numbers of people. It is time for the Hope not Hate and UAF leadership to publicly distance themselves from these people: if they will not, that can only be considered as their tacit acceptance of the actions of their activists.

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