Saturday, 1 February 2014

It'll be all white - where to buy your 2014 calendars now it's 1st February

As we roll into February 2014, spare a thought for poor Hope not Hate. After being exposed for their fraudulent VAT regime yesterday, we notice that they are still desperately trying to sell copies of
their 2014 fundraising calendar on their website.

We know very few people who think 'Look, it's February the 1st, time to buy a calendar', but there may be some. Would they pay full price now that 1/12th of the year has passed? Probably not, as there are plenty of calendars at reduced prices now in the shops. Never ones to believe in market forces however, poor Mr Lowles and his staff must spend most of their time stepping around unopened boxes unless they have followed their own green beliefs and hung multiple copies in the toilet to save on the use of other paper there.

It is such a shame that more members of the general public won't get to see the achingly politically correct front cover, featuring random faces chosen strictly by race to ensure they are what HnH
It'll be all white - Hope not Hate's achingly white and middle
class training sessions
defines as a 'representative' sample. Had anybody else dared to do such a thing, it would have been decried as tokenism. And let's not forget the wonderful pictures of Nick Lowles and others on their freebie junket to the European Parliament in Strasbourg, paid for by taxpayers.

The reality of Hope not Hate meetings is a rather more solidly middle class, white affair. As has been mentioned elsewhere, pictures of Hope not Hate's recent training seminars to mobilise support against UKIP's supposed 'racism' show a marked lack of anybody who is not white. Contrast this with pictures of UKIP meetings, where there are a significant number of activists representing immigrant communities.

How depressing it must be for Hope not Hate to remain so stubbornly white and relatively well off. It's enough to make racists of them. Perhaps Matthew Collins could be persuaded to go and  threaten to beat up a few old ladies of Asian heritage if they don't attend more Hope not Hate meetings?

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