Wednesday, 14 May 2014

UKIP leader's personal details published by violent 'anti-fascist' group

The personal details of UKIP leader Nigel Farage - including home address, home telephone number and personal mobile number - have been published on the internet by a violent anti-fascist group.

The group - whose name we are withholding for obvious reasons - is based in the South East local to Mr Farage's home, where he lives with his wife and two young daughters.

In the posting (pictured with identifying details removed) the group calls for its members to harass Mr Farage saying, "In an age where the art of the letter and the beauty of a phone call is lost, why not relive this wonderful method of communication by getting in contact with your local racist". It also features the address details of UKIP's South Eastern Regional Office, but doesn't bother to give telephone details for it.

Other posts on the page include information on what to do in the event that you are arrested for a violent crime at an 'anti-fascist' protest, details of how to obtain free legal advice from 'like minded friends', and exhortations to 'kill a fascist'. It makes it clear that it considers UKIP to be 'fascist'.

The disclosure comes just a day after UKIP London MEP Gerard Batten had his house attacked by brick-throwing yobs in the middle of the night.

A UKIP source told us this morning that while the address details of candidates are a matter of public record, 'the publications of details in this manner, in close proximity to threats of violence and accompanied by private information such as home and mobile phone numbers, amounted to an exhortation to harass both Nigel and members of his immediate family'.

Moderate exhortations from the site which published
Farage's personal contact details
The group, whose logo is of a masked and hooded anarchist, is tied via its association with an anti-UKIP group known as SLATUKIP to Hope not Hate - who regularly feature information they receive from them - and to an off-shoot of the pro-EU, pro-big business British Influence organisation via its Action2014 anti-UKIP arm. British Influence is headed by former Conservative Party staffer Peter Wilding, and is supported by both Kenneth Clarke and Lord Mandelson. Wilding is a close friend of Tory MEP David Campbell Bannerman, who defected from UKIP to the Tories and who is set to lose his seat next Thursday. Campbell Bannerman appears in today's 'Times' newspaper attacking UKIP for discussions regarding MEP funding which he himself proposed while UKIP chairman, and which were rejected by the wider party.

SLATUKIPs links to Hope not Hate run deeper than mere Facebook likes. Permitted to post on the
Is this the sort of 'British Influence' a capitalist,
corporatist pro-EU pressure group seeks?
heavily censored HnH website, they have regularly praised Hope not Hate in a show of mutual backslapping. Meanwhile, HnH relied heavily on SLATUKIP for doctored screen grabs and for offensive comments from false Facebook accounts created in the names of UKIP candidates to 'prove' UKIP racism during last year's local elections. SLAT's website - with a .eu domain - is hosted in homophobic Moscow, while its 'whois' details are anonymised to prevent discovery of who is behind it, although considerable Hope not Hate involvement has long been suspected.

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