Thursday, 8 May 2014

Don't worry, Nick - it'll be all white. UKIP can teach you what equal opportunities really look like.

A deafening silence has surrounded UKIP leader Nigel Farage's final speech of his tour of the UK last night in London, not least because of the picture Hope not Hate don't want to see:

'Bloody racists'
In the interests of fairness, we thought we'd take a quick look at Hope not Hate's record of equal opportunities over the past year or so.
Hope not Hate leadership: (LtoR) Nick Lowles, Ruth Smeeth, Matthew Collins, Carl Morphett - doing all white

No luck there in our search for equal opportunites. Still, perhaps they're training people from our minority communities how to 'Stand up for HOPE'? Maybe pictures of their training events will prove more fruitful?
Still doing all white......
Oh, OK then. Not there either. Maybe we're just looking in the wrong place? Perhaps on their action days when they get all their supporters out delivering leaflets?

It's all looking a bit white and middle class

Hmmm. After all that, we're still struggling to find the inclusiveness that Hope not Hate constantly trumpets - indeed which is part of its founding statement - being shown in practise.

Unlike Hope not Hate, UKIP is a party of inclusiveness, with senior members from the Jewish, Hindu, Sikh and Islamic faiths; from the Caribbean, Africa, Asia, India, Pakistan and Europe; from the rich and from the poor. All that is required is a love of our shared nation, its values and its culture.

If you were planning to get to the top of an organisation because you're white, don't bother with UKIP - all it takes is dedication, commitment and belief wherever you're from.

If what you want is a colour bar to help you get on, Hope not Hate is the obvious place to be.

PS It helps if you're middle class too. Hope not Hate are just as committed to selling out the working class as their Labour and Union paymasters.

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