Saturday, 3 May 2014

Dan Hodges - an apology for underestimating his venality

A few weeks ago we published an article criticising Dan Hodges, son of Labour MP Glenda Jackson, for coining it by taking money from two paymasters - Hope not Hate and the Daily Telegraph - to attack UKIP: Dan Hodges: 1 cheque from the Telegraph, 1 cheque from Hope not Hate

We would wish to apologise to our readers for inadvertently missing out other cheques Hodges receives for the same articles, not least from the Migration Matters Trust, which also employs him to point his finger at UKIP and scream 'racism' loudly.

We apologise sincerely that we may have mislead readers into believing that Hodges had more principles than might have first been surmised from our original article, but in our defence we did not know at that time that he was being paid by merchant bankers and the largest corporates in the UK to defend their right to drive down prices in the labour market while simultaneously cashing in on the housing shortage caused by 200,000 people a year arriving in the UK.

We wish to make clear that at the time we were not fully aware of the extent to which Hodges derived his income from the richest 1% of the UK population, nor that he was in receipt of taxpayer's funds from the Corporation of London in addition to the cheques from the Daily Telegraph and Hope not Hate.

We accept absolutely that until the demise of his multi-millionaire mother, Hodges must do everything he can to protect migrant labour which is pushing up profits for Britain's richest companies and pushing down wages and the general standard of living for the poorest in society. We accept that Hodges, like his mother, sees immigrants as 'potato diggers and strawberry pickers', and now wholly accept that he has never had any experience of the working class except when they are doing low paid jobs for him or the companies which fund him. Kerchiiing.

As for the Migration Matters Trust (which Hodges today describes as 'his' in the Telegraph) a true reflection of its aims can be seen by reading this interview with its notional leader Barbara Roche taken from an interview with the New Statesman in 2000 -

"So just what is Barbara Roche proposing? She shies away from giving even a vague figure on the numbers of immigrants she is envisaging. But it is clear that she has in mind not only ... highly qualified, well-educated migrants.....So, who is to decide who comes in and who does not? Roche's idea is to let business, the trade unions, academics, the general public (Not UKIP - Ed.) have their say. She is aware of pressure from business for more immigration"

Peter Mandelson would be proud of the art form Labour have made of protecting the richest in society while driving down incomes. And all while pretending they still care about the working class.

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