Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Casual racism from HnH's Carl Morphett, whose geography isn't so hot

A little bit of casual racism from Hope not Hate's Carl Morphett (writing under the utterly pointless (as everybody knows who it really is) pseudonym of Simon Cressy) yesterday evening in a post entitled 'A quick question for UKIP Barnsley'.

Rather neatly summing up exactly why Hope not Hate don't grasp the problems of immigration or
UKIP's policy, he writes:

"It is well documented that UKIP have a problem with East European immigrants coming to the UK.
So I was rather interested to see that UKIP in Barnsley are fielding an Albanian immigrant, Anisa Kola as a candidate in the Dodworth ward.
How very interesting"

(i) UKIP does not have a problem with Eastern European immigrants coming here, we'd just like a say in how many.
(ii) Most Eastern European immigration comes from within the EU. Albania, the last time we checked, was not a member of the European Union, and therefore immigrants from there have to qualify for a visa to enter the UK. This visa is issued under the points system we'd like to apply to EU immigrants as well.
(iii) Why would her country of origin make any difference if she is a suitable candidate?
(iv) Why would a legal immigrant to the UK not realise that allowing 200,000 people a year into the country will put further strain on public services and greater pressure on housing, which is already in short supply?

In order to avoid them mistaking Albania for an EU country the next time they want to attack a UKIP candidate based on their ethnicity, we have prepared a handy 'cut out and keep' guide for them to check.

Good to see that it hasn't got in the way of Hope not Hate's casual sexism either. Alongside comments about how good looking or not Anisa is is the following gem, suggesting that because she's pretty, she is therefore too stupid to make up her own mind. 

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