Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Here's three days worth of news Hope not Hate haven't mentioned.

Hope not Hate are this evening pushing a story concerning a UKIP councillor who has allegedly been arrested for assault.

We have no idea whether the story is true or not, but given the timing - a week before polling day - and the source, it is unlikely to be entirely what it appears.

In order to put that into perspective, we thought we'd post three days worth of councillor related stories from the other parties as featured on our Facebook page, which is updated daily. To be clear, these are news articles from the 11th May to the 14th May only. We'll bet you haven't read about any of them on Hope not Hate's website, heard about them on the national news or read them in anything apart from local newspapers with the exception of Lord Hanningfield.

So when Hope not Hate try and tell you how bad UKIP are, you can be sure they're just acting as tools of the establishment. Worse, they're treating you like a fool, because you're only getting what they want you to read. Here are the ones they and the establishment would rather you didn't read:

Potentially ineligible Tory candidate arrested in Tower Hamlets

Local residents call for Lib Dem MP and local councillor Mike Hancock to stand down ahead of his civil trial for sexual assault

Tory councillor Saeed Akthar on trial for perverting the course of justice after tricking Tory MP into giving character reference for son who was on trial for grooming 15 year old girl

Tory councillor faces ban after drink driving arrest

Labour councillor stands down from Co-Op board in row over fake qualifications

Labour council leader stands down in Thanet amid allegations of homophobia

Welsh Green Party leader apologises for lying over polling data

Entire Independent Remuneration Panel resign in protest as Tory councillors in Surrey increase their personal allowances by 60%.

Lib Dem candidate tweeted he 'loved to kiss and lick feet' and was 'looking for large women'

Tory Peer and former leader of Essex County Council fined £3,300 and suspended from Lords over expenses 'signing in' fraud - he has already served a prison sentence for fraud

SNP student leader in racism row

Tory councillor fails to enter plea to child pornography charges at court hearing

Electoral fraud case against two Labour councillors thrown out on legal technicality relating to costs

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