Friday, 21 June 2013

Yet another UKIP advance missed by Hope not Hate's defective 'Purple Rain' magnifying glass

Yesterday saw a by election in the Weaste and Seedley ward of Salford council. Hope not Hate posted a Facebook comment on the election in the small hours of this morning - wrongly labelling the TUSC candidate as an independent to save their blushes - but here are the full details of the result.

Normally, they'd be crowing over a halving of the BNP vote but they're desperate not to highlight the extent to which Labours support is leaking to UKIP, who gained over 22% despite not having stood in the ward previously. All of the UKIP support came from Labour and the Lib Dems as can be seen from the results:

The previous results were:
Congratulations to UKIP candidate Glyn Wright for a job well done.
Elsewhere in the UK, congratulations to Otto Inglis in the Aberdeen Donside by-election where despite intimidation by Hope not Hate's bully boy friends in the Anti-Fascist Alliance and UAF, he came close to saving his deposit, and finished just behind the Conservative Party with 4.83% of the vote.
Very well done also to Vince Peddle, the UKIP candidate in the Bletchley and Fenny Stratford by election yesterday, where he came second to Labour with 25.2%, a swing of over 5% Labour to UKIP while the Conservative vote dropped by over 12%.

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  1. Lowles was on the BBC Radio Asian network earlier today, demanding a ban on Robert Spencer and Pamala Geller in entering the U.K....Funny how Lowles remained silent when the Islamist preacher Muhhamed al Arefe was given the green light to arrive... Arefe is a man that claims that where women are concerned, a man "may use beatings to discipline his wife".....So wife beating is acceptable to Hope not hate?