Friday, 28 June 2013

Will anyone remember the Armed Forces on Armed Forces Day?

Tomorrow is Armed Forces Day. Our focus as a nation should be on the armed forces, and particularly on recent events in Woolwich.

Instead, we have an EDL march which couldn't have descended further into farce if it had been organised by a bunch of 5 year olds. We have UAF on the prowl with counter demonstrations, and their activists in SE London sending e-mails about organised fights. We have Hope not Hate stirring the pot while using Lee Rigby's name to raise funds for what is essentially a private company owned by Nick Lowles. We have speakers denied entry to the UK, charities refusing donations, instructions to anti-fascists about face masks and HnH gloating over it all. It's shaping up nicely to be a day of civil unrest.

Was it too much to hope that the focus could be on the Armed Forces for Armed Forces Day?


  1. The EDL have now been Banned from assembling in Woolwich. Perhaps Nick Lowles will now take credit for this too.

  2. Yes, I saw that a few hours ago. I'm sure Lowles will. Robinson and Carroll are going anyway to try and get arrested I think.

  3. If you're serious about this blog and want to market it properly, then give me a shout and I'll take it to the next level...A couple of years back we learnt the ropes to doing just that, by sending the Max Farquar website to number one in the wikio (now Ebuzzing) British blog rankings, surpassing Guido Fawkes and various other blogs of the "institution" along the way...

    Upsides of doing that?......Nick Lowles will get an awful lot of publicity that he really doesn't want.

    Downside...."Blogger" wont be able to cope with the traffic, and so you'll find yourself having to move to a ".com" website, which of course costs money, and none of us simple saps make anything from doing this...

    Max Farquar was an irreverent right wing blog that simply poured scorn on virtually everything, hence it was very easy to market....This would be more difficult because it has basic agendas, but I tried it out the other day and the spike in your page views tells it's own story...

    Just a thought...But you'd need to add a throw away E-Mail address to the blog before we could begin.