Friday, 6 March 2015

Spotlight on Hope not Hate: 'racist' Selby Labour Councillor Andy Williams

Labour back, union funded Hope not Hate are currently running a 'Spotlight on UKIP' campaign
having given up any pretence at being concerned about actual discrimination or racism. With Labour facing a mauling at the hands of UKIP in its heartlands, we understand why HnH have decided to sell out completely, but in the meantime we're a little concerned that their supporters are no longer being told about racism as HnH no longer even pretend to campaign against it.

We have decided therefore to fill the void left by their silence and take a look at cases which spring up across the country.

Today's case involves Labour Councillor Andy Williams, a member of Selby Town Council. In an e-mail to fellow councillors regarding lofty matters of state (the location of a bench on Scott Road in the town), Cllr Williams said;

"Clearly we don’t want Polish ‘piss artists’ holding bonfires and 24-hour alcoholic binges.
“The attraction must be that it is secluded. My worry is that once a ‘den’ has been established, it won’t matter if the bench is there or not, they will just sit on the ground under the trees.”

You can imagine the ire - not to mention the pages of the Daily Mirror which would be devoted to it - had such a comment stereotyping sections of the Polish community in such a way been made by a UKIP candidate.

The full story can be found here -

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