Sunday, 22 March 2015

'Scum' mob lead by Green Party member and PCS NEC member with links to Diane Abbott and Chukka Umunna

The mob which attacked UKIP leader Nigel Farage in a Kent pub was lead by Green Party member and 'Stand up to UKIP' activist Dan Glass and PCS Union NEC member and Hope not Hate activist Zita Holbourne, it can be revealed.

Holbourne was recently pictured at the House of Commons with Labour MPs Chukka Umunna and Diane Abbott (not really a surprise, is it?). She appeared on a platform at the TUC conference with PCS Deputy President Kevin McHugh vowing to 'develop campaigns with Hope not Hate and Unite Against Fascism' to stop UKIP. Is this the sort of action they had in mind, attacking a family while they ate lunch? Intimidating a couple of teenage girls?

Holbourne is a co-chair of BARAC (black activists rising against cuts) with Lee Jasper. Regular readers may remember Jasper as a former deputy mayor of London until leaving under a financial cloud after being accused of using the public's money to make unauthorised grants to an organisation run by a woman he was banging. He also regularly appears on platforms with Green Party leader Natalie Bennett and with Jasna Badzak, the fraudster currently awaiting trial on harassment charges following her conviction for stealing from UKIP MEP Gerard Batten a year or so ago.

Glass meanwhile is a professional campaigner against, well, everything. From airport runways to NHS cuts, he's a typical middle-class Green Party watermelon - green on the outside, red on the inside. A member of the 'Green Left' movement - it's far enough left to make Josef Stalin look like a liberal - he is also an activist with the union funded 'Stand up to UKIP' movement. His Facebook page is a web of organisations which protest against things, but its rather harder to find something that he's for besides a lot of protesting. He does write for the Guardian periodically, and says of himself:

So far, we have involvement in this from the Labour Party, the big unions, Stand up to UKIP, UAF, the Green Party, Hope not Hate and the SWP. Anyone care to take a bet on how many will apologise?
So far, there is apparent silence from Hope not Hate on the attack, which is rather surprising as they normally post anything to do with UKIP within minutes of it hitting the news. Its not as if they're not posting, as they continue to post UKIP related stories, but for some reason when Hope not Hate activists attack the leader of UKIP during a family lunch, they don't think its newsworthy. Strange, huh?

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