Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Spotlight on Hope not Hate #3: Disgraced Hope not Hate activist of the week

Its always a difficult matter to narrow the field of Labour and Lib Dem councillors - let alone trade union activists - to select the most disgraced Hope not Hate activist of the week as there are just so many to choose from.

This week the winner is chosen from a packed field. And a special mention is due to runner-up, Labour councillor Andy Williams of Selby, for his 'racist' complaint about 'Polish piss artists' on a local bench.

But, without further ado, the winner;

Councillor Vi Dempster, Leicester City Council and until last week deputy mayor with responsibility
Vi Dempster, Labour councillor and protector of child abusers
in the name of anti-racism: our disgraced 'Hope not Hate'
Activist of the Week!
for children's services. Removed from her position after it was discovered that council plans to protect children had actually left hundreds of the most vulnerable exposed to serious risk of physical and sexual abuse. Dempster had previous worked on the 'Respect' program run by the city council with input from Hope not Hate in the form of pretend journalist, Hope not Hate 'consultant' and professionally outraged 17 year old Owen Jones. We're sure that between them they agreed that suggestions that certain taxi drivers and kebab shop owners were responsible for grooming were nothing but 'racism'.

Good old Vi went into print just a couple of days later to say she had 'no excuses' for what had happened, before setting out a list of excuses including staff shortages, resignations of senior staff, etc, etc. That the staff left because of her plans and the risk they put children at in the interests of 'anti-racism' is mentioned nowhere.

So, thank you Hope not Hate. Thank you, Owen Jones. And thank you, New Labour. Thanks to you, paedophiles and child groomers can sleep soundly in their beds in Leicester thanks to your efforts.

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