Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Hope not Hate - still cheering for the BNP in Bradford

Paul Cromie, former BNP councillor
supported by Hope not Hate
Hope not Hate's latest 'Purple Rain' post by 'Simon Cressy' focussing on UKIP attacks UKIP's Bradford branch after someone realised that their printing company does their printing work in Germany and not the UK. We're not quite sure what significance this has, as UKIP have never made any secret of their free-trade credentials, but we assume that when it comes to Bradford, Hope not Hate have a vested interest.
Readers may recall the local elections last year, where Nick Lowles, HnH's owner, personally congratulated a former BNP councillor who remains a close friend of Nick Griffin for his success in narrowly holding his seat from a strong UKIP challenge:

"Former BNP councillor, turned Independent, Paul Cromie, has fought off a strong challenge from UKIP in his Queensbury ward, in Bradford. Well done Paul!"

Hope not Hate's now deleted message of support for the
far right in Bradford
This was followed in December last year by howls of mock outrage after Bradford man Peter Finan claimed he felt 'intimidated' because UKIP wrote him a letter. It later turned out that the 'political innocent' was a foul mouthed twitter user with close links to the watermelon wing of the Green Party and a long history of directing abusive tweets against UKIP.

Bradford West is of course a Labour target seat. Represented by George Galloway - who is hated by HnH - and with Respect looming large in the constituency, their hope is that Naz Shah can recapture the seat. Shah, who has made a career out of being the daughter of a murderer, and whose charity - Sharing Voices (Bradford) - submitted qualified accounts to the Charity Commission less than 6 months ago, is the last minute replacement after shenanigans in the local Labour Party saw the original candidate resign within days of selection.

With the fall-out from Labour's problems in Rotherham spreading across the Yorkshire constituencies it is little wonder that HnH are desperate to halt the rise of UKIP. Scraping the barrel about the location of a printer's workshop is a sure sign of an organisation with nothing left to say.

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