Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Spotlight on Hope not Hate #4: HnH ignore Lib Dem PPC who labelled people 'retards'

Last May, Hope not Hate were in full outrage mode as they attacked a UKIP candidate in Dudley for daring to use the word 'retard'. That candidate is now a councillor in Dudley having won his seat despite HnH's repeated attacks on him, but it is interesting to see how they deal with a Liberal Democrat candidate who branded council officers 'retards'. Their preferred method for dealing with
Powell - luckily for him, HnH don't much care
about people being labelled 'retards' unless
its done by UKIP
indiscretions by the 'Tory lite' party has so far been absolute silence.

Pontypridd Lib Dem Councillor and PPC Mike Powell labelled local council officials and contractors 'retards' in a Facebook posting in a dispute over progress on a Lido complex in one of the town's parks, and was subsequently forced to apologise publicly.

It hardly needs saying that had it been a UKIP candidate - let alone a councillor - who'd dared to call someone a 'retard' it would be headline news on Hope not Hate, and probably front page of the Daily Mirror as well. But as we saw with Labour's Selby 'racist' 10 days ago, they have no interest in standing against discrimination, racism or anything else - just in standing against UKIP. If you needed a lesson in how frightened their union paymasters are of UKIP, this is it.

We mentioned earlier how HnH had previously attacked a UKIP candidate who called someone a retard. It is worth taking a look at some screen grabs taken from Hope not Hate's own Facebook page. You will see that slurs on the mentally ill and calling people retards is pretty standard fare for Hope not Hate supporters.
Hope not Hate supporters calling the EDL 'retards'
on HnH's Facebook page

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