Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Rotherham paper 'apologises' for production error in UKIP ad which hit front pages

News reaches us that the Rotherham Record has issued an apology for incorrectly running a UKIP
advertisement with the phrase 'Say No to the UK'.

The paper today printed the apology on page two, blaming an 'error in the production process'. The error amounted to an employee (believed to be a Labour Party member) deliberately altering the artwork, as it was supplied 'print ready' and in the correct format to be directly inserted in the paper without intervention.

The usual media suspects ran the story about UKIP getting it wrong - we won't link to them here, but the Huffington Post, Metro, etc plus of course Hope not Hate all made merry at UKIP's 'mistake'. Now it appears that it was a dirty trick by a newspaper employee, do you think they'll run that story too?

We should all be prepared for more dirty tricks along the same lines. While UKIP has been hounded by poor headlines this week, the other parties have escaped, despite stories such as these in just the past 4 days:

Ringwood Tory councillor in racism row after using 'n' word in council meeting

Rochdale Labour councillor fails to overturn sentence of homophobic abuse hurled at fellow councillor

Former Tory councillor fined £100 for breaching terms of sex offenders order relating to child porn conviction

English Democrat councillor thrown out for saying Liverpool was cursed for supporting Gay Pride

Cornish Lib Dem councillor alleged to pose 'serious risk to children' could face disqualification for non-attendance

Plymouth Labour councillor faces charges of fraud by abuse of position as executor of will

There are more - see our Facebook page via the link to the right (in a web browser) to see the details. And we repeat - this is just 4 days worth at a quiet time of year!!

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