Wednesday, 10 December 2014

HnH activist and Labour MP sought Commons breastfeeding ban

Nick Lowles - not the only one with Photoshop
A story which we missed - or at least didn't get around to mentioning - last week was Hope not Hate's attack on UKIP leader Nigel Farage and his comments on breastfeeding. Farage had been asked about breastfeeding while being interviewed on LBC last week and was heavily criticised by the usual coalition of the professionally outraged for suggesting that organisations should be free to make their own rules regarding suitability and perhaps offering alternative locations for breastfeeding, and that breastfeeding mothers should exercise discretion so as not to cause offence among sections of the population who would not be so keen to see it.

This pragmatic approach did not meet with Hope not Hate's approval, of course. An internet meme rapidly appeared on their Twitter feed which appeared to miss the entire point - no surprise there.

What Hope not Hate appear to have forgotten is that not only is breastfeeding not permitted in the House of Commons, but one of their prominent supporters lead the campaign to keep it out because it was not a suitable place. The Early Day Motion was submitted by Helen Clark, former Labour MP for Peterborough and a noted Hope not Hate supporter (she lists them on her Linked In page) stated that the "Commons Chamber, committee rooms and division lobbies are not the right places for breastfeeding."

 HnH activist and former Labour MP Helen Clark's EDM to ban
breastfeeding from the Commons chamber

In other words, a noted Hope not Hate campaigner actively sought to ban breastfeeding from Parliament. Now, we take no opinion on whether this is right or wrong. What we do have an opinion on is that yet again, Hope not Hate and Nick Lowles' attack on Farage and UKIP is based on blatant hypocrisy.

A final note - Helen Clark was a founding signatory in the creation of Unite Against Fascism.

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