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Merthyr Green PPC defends association with would be arsonist; Labour councillor resigns as admin

Elspeth Parris, the Green PPC for Merthyr Tydfil, commented on our earlier blog posting which pointed out that her group contained people who were advocating the burning down of UKIP's campaign office in Merthyr. She wrote:

We have reproduced this in full lest she consider it 'defamation of character', but to address her points in order:

"I didn't found this group" - perhaps, but you're certainly an admin of it. And fellow watermelon Harriet claims to support the Greens and Natalie Bennett, the UK's least inspiring political leader. And Elspeth (who is a personal FB friend of Harriet) certainly played a leading role in setting it up, explaining to members of the Facebook page which preceded the group the reason why it had switched to group format, with lots of 'we' and no 'Harriet said'.

"Harriet is a Merthyr resident who happens to be at university in Scotland" - if it were true, this
Elspeth says Harriet lives in Merthyr
Harriet says she lives in Edinburgh.
Is Elspeth lying, or does Harriet not
know where she lives?
rather begs the question as to why she is involved with the Radical Independence Campaign in Scotland when she wouldn't have a vote there, but the easiest way to deal with this is a screen grab from the achingly middle class Ms Protheroe-Davis' profile. On her own Facebook profile, she states that she lives in Edinburgh.

"the group has no connection with any suggestion that the shop should be 'burnt down', the person who the article suggests has made such a suggestion has only joined the group very recently" - which is true so far as it goes: the group was only set up last week, so everybody in it only joined the group 'very recently'. Previously, it was a Facebook page under the same name, and Malik Furreed was a member of that group as well. Conveniently for Elspeth, all posts have been deleted from that page, but its alright, we screen grabbed them in case you didn't. So horrified is Elspeth by Malik's suggestion that she has responded instantly by taking no action whatsoever and allowing him to remain a member of the group. Why would any respectable political group want someone who incites political violence as a member, and why would they go to such lengths to defend such views?

'Speeches made were made by UKIP representatives' - We will concede that we have not been able to find video evidence of any speeches, so we'll give Elspeth that one. Although we find it difficult to believe that you can get 40 members of the hard left together without there being several hour long speeches. Perhaps the red flag waving militants were too busy making plans for future arson at the premises they were protesting outside?

Malik Furreed, member of 'Merthyr says NO to UKIP'
What is quite interesting is that somebody seems to have had a word with Cllr David Davies, Labour councillor for Town ward in Merthyr. He is not longer an Admin of Harriet and Elspeth's page, we assume because he's not a complete idiot or at least someone in the Labour Party who isn't a complete idiot phoned him up and told him that his continued role as an admin was associating him with people who wanted to burn down a political opponent's shop and all the people inside it. Clearly this is a lesson Elspeth hasn't learned, as Malik Furreed remains a member of the group, despite the Green's Merthyr PPC knowing he was seeking volunteers to 'fuck up' the shop.

We already knew that the Green Party would consort with criminals in its quest for power. Natalie Bennett, the Green leader, shared a platform with a convicted fraudster and forger so desperate is she to damage UKIP. Thanet Green councillor Ian Driver - himself the proud holder of a criminal record - helped organise the demonstration which saw Nigel Farage assaulted in Thanet by one of his friends.

Elspeth complains that our original article is defamatory, something she repeats on Twitter. The truth is much simpler. We said that a group that she is behind contains people who threatened to burn down the UKIP shop in Merthyr and those inside it. That was and is the absolute truth, and the rest of her protestations are just fluff. If you lie with dogs, you get fleas, Elspeth. The time when the Green Party should be called to account for its association with political violence is long overdue.

PS incidentally, getting your little gang of Welsh communists to flood the comments doesn't address the problems. And you wonder why we're attacking you? We're sure you'd like to think its because you're a political threat to the UKIP vote, but it's not, because you're not. It's because you're condoning the actions of someone who threatened to burn the UKIP shop and those inside it. We don't see what is so difficult to grasp about this - your Labour councillor obviously got it.

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