Thursday, 15 August 2013

Another lungful of HnH hypocrisy

Hope not Hate this evening posted the story which has appeared in the Guardian newspaper which attempts to suggest that there is something wrong with UKIP accepting a £25,000 donation from e-cigarette firm Pillbox 38 because UKIP has consistently voted against EU legislation which would outlaw their products. UKIP has always been against legislation which interferes with personal choice on both smoking and smoking replacement products. Hope not Hate's comment was 'is it me, or is this slightly dodgy'. The £25k represents less than 20% of UKIPs total donations.

Meanwhile, the same release of donor information showed that the Labour Party (who fund Hope not Hate) received over £2.4 million from the Trade Union movement (who also fund Hope not Hate). The trades unions have opposed the austerity drive by the current government which seeks to reduce state spending and, as a consequence, state employment, and Labour has voted in line with the trades unions wishes in Parliament. The £2.4m represented 77% of Labour's total donations.

Strangely, Hope not Hate have no comment to make on how dodgy this is, but as they receive money from both sides, that's hardly surprising. Just another dose of HnH hypocrisy.

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