Friday, 21 November 2014

As UKIP poll 42.1% in Rochester, HnH are with the 85% who didn't vote UKIP

After UKIP polled 42.1%,
HnH are with the 85% who didn't
Can you hear that sound? Yes, that's right. It's the bottom of the barrel being scraped by Hope not Hate, who are reduced to releasing ever more tortured internet memes as they desperately try and save Labour's vote share from UKIP's advance.
Their latest piece of brilliance is pictured (right). It urges their supporters, the morning that UKIP polled 42.1% in the Rochester by-election, to say they're 'with the 85%' who didn't vote UKIP. Even their own supporters are having some difficulty with the rather convoluted logic, although the basic mathematical failure does go some way towards explaining how Labour managed to flush our country's economy down the toilet. Labour is after all run by the same sort of posh college kids who run Hope not Hate.

HnH's own supporters are mystified by
their latest attempt at a viral meme

To explain their point - as Hope not Hate have been forced to do several times on their own comment thread - the idea is that UKIP poll only 15% in national opinion polls (a figure which itself is arguable), and therefore there are 85% who do not support UKIP. With Labour polling just 16.76% last night, it could be argued that they have that the wrong way around. although in fairness if you add in the votes polled by the Patriotic Socialist Party in Rochester that figure soars to 16.84%. Perhaps HnH meant that they are with the 15%, but the left polled more than they expected? If you add in the Lib Dem's vote share, the left polled the stratospheric total of 17.71%. In a seat Labour held until 2010. We can only wonder what planet Nick Lowles and his team of Labour sycophants inhabit and who they are trying to kid with their Stalinist propaganda: can they really think that anyone believes the stuff they are putting out?

Nick Lowles seeks strategy
options to counter UKIP

We are sure though that Hope not Hate are sitting down to a traditional English breakfast of pains au chocolate and croissants with their long term adviser and supporter Emily Thornberry, former shadow cabinet member until she was sacked last night for showing how sneering Labour are about the working class nowadays. Perhaps she can share some strategy tips for winning back the working class vote through Twitter? Poor Emily, or to give her her full name, Emily Anne Thornberry, Lady Nugee. As MP for Islington South and Finsbury - and as someone who lives in a £3m house - we're sure she doesn't visit many housing estates, and quite understand why a house covered in England flags might mystify her.

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