Thursday, 30 April 2015

The Nepalese are dying because 20% of their doctors work in the NHS: HnH's racist approach to healthcare

In the pay of the big unions, Lowles dare not
offend the union barons and their banker
style salaries
As polling day approaches, so the Hope not Hate wraps on local newspapers in UKIP target seats

Once again, in the interests of fighting inequality, racism and homophobia, Hope not Hate are focussing on 'UKIPs secret plan for the NHS', which proves to be little more than a mirror of the stale Labour Party line about UKIP 'privatisation' - as if they hadn't saddled us with billions of £s of PFI debt as they lined the pockets of their donors with contracts.

We have discussed HnH's approach to this in a previous article in December. In it, we said:

"although possibly it is guilt over the Labour inspired need to import doctors from Sierra Leone (1 doctor per 50,000 people) in order to sustain the NHS administration (142 doctors per 50,000 people). Who knows? Labour doesn't care, Sierra Leoneans don't have a vote here anyway. With the partial privatisation of services introduced under the last Labour government, it probably makes sense to take desperately needed doctors from third world countries rather than train enough at home anyway."

With HnH having thrown their support behind the rather racist approach of saving the NHS by stripping third world countries of desperately needed medical personnel, they then try and present minutes from a UKIP meeting as a 'secret report'. In it, senior UKIP personnel are minuted as trying to get to grips with a workable solution for a bloated, unionised and politicised National Health Service which resists any change.

We're sure we are not alone in wondering just how much free and frank debate Hope not Hate would want to close down to protect the positions of their fat cat union paymasters. After all, UNISON's health care page claims 500,000 of their members work for the NHS, while UNITE claim 100,000 of theirs do. What we are seeing from Hope not Hate is how easily their name can be bought in return for promises of the sort of funding that keeps Nick Lowles in the style to which he has become accustomed.
Medical care is hard to find since the Labour government
stripped 2545 clinical staff from Nepal to work on first
world problems in the NHS
There is a strong negative side to the NHS which is felt not here but elsewhere. As mentioned above, stripping medical staff from the world's poorest nations is not a particularly caring or compassionate thing to do. But with the current disaster unfolding in Nepal, it is worth bearing in mind that the NHS employs 2545 medical staff from that nation across the UK. Meanwhile, Nepal has to struggle through an earthquake with only 10.5 doctors per 50,000 population, compared with the 147 per 50,000 that the NHS has. Still, as Nepal is the 159th poorest country by GDP, I'm sure stripping them of essential medical personnel to conduct breast reduction surgery, IVF treatments and other similar first world problems rather than healing the shattered bodies of their fellow countrymen seems like a bargain if it keeps Len McCluskey and Dave Prentis on their £120,000 pa banker style salaries. We'll just send them a few Land Rovers and a million quid by way of recompense for denuding them of emergency medical care.

"Job done", as Nick Lowles would say.

(Nepal has 10.5 doctors per 50,000 people. With a population of 27.8 million, that means there are a
total of 5838 doctors in Nepal. In other words, the Nepalese contingent in the NHS represents over 43% of doctors in the entire country. If you just count those with medical degrees and exclude nurses, there are 1143 Nepalese doctors in the NHS, or  20% of all Nepalese doctors. Still, Nepalese can't vote in the UK, so "screw them" appears to be the motto of the unions and Hope not Hate).

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