Sunday, 20 October 2013

A request - Please spread the HnH Googlebomb!

We thought we'd make a quick request to our many regular readers.

Everybody can help with this, whether you've got a blog, a website or just your Facebook page.

Can you post the following link somewhere on it:

Hope not Hate

Just copy the link and paste it somewhere, and please encourage others to do the same. Needless to say, it doesn't go to Hope not Hate, but to this blog. It is known as a 'Googlebomb', as it confuses Google's search ranking system, and will help this blog to appear in Hope not Hate's search results.

Please also don't forget to sign up to Hope not Hate's Facebook page - remembering to ensure they appear in your newsfeed - and then mark their posts as 'Spam' using the pull down arrow next to their postings.

Both of these will help ensure that HnH will have to waste funds promoting their own page that they would otherwise use to attack legitimate, non-racist political parties such as UKIP.

The last time we posted such advice, it prompted a complaint from HnH as it means less money in Nick Lowles' pocket, so it is having some effect. It was, of course, a rather hypocritical complaint, as HnH do this to our Facebook page and have done it since it was founded.

Thanks for your help!

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