Friday, 1 November 2013

HnH condone violence against the mentally ill - continued

Following on from our story this afternoon about the mentally ill man who Hope not Hate labelled a BNP member despite knowing he was nothing of the sort. I received the following earlier on this afternoon -

The original comment remains there, with several others of similar intent -

Now, from looking at Mr Hershman's profile, it would appear that he is Jewish. Fine, and it might go some way towards his attitude towards a person wandering around Asda in Nazi uniform, and I say that in all seriousness and not in jest. We make no excuses for the terrible suffering and wholesale mass murder committed by the Nazis, but that is to miss the point of Mr Dutton. It is a sad indication of the gross distortions Hope not Hate are capable of that the need exists to point out that we do not deny or defend the Holocaust or the evil of Hitler to avoid the inevitable accusations should we not point out the obvious.

In Mr Dutton we have a person who from even a casual look at his website you can see is seriously unwell. This is not someone who is a Nazi or racist because of their rational belief system, this is someone who believes he has time travelled from 1942 to the present day, who thinks Adolf Hitler is his personal saviour and who is convinced that he is destined to change the future by travelling back in time and changing the past. Hope not Hate often attack anyone who disagrees with immigration for scaremongering, exaggeration and for misleading their audience, and yet they have knowingly placed a mentally ill man in peril by pretending that his delusions are the product of a rational mind.

It is very sad indeed on a whole host of levels. It is sad that he is not in institutional care, for a start. It is sad that a national newspaper like the Daily Mirror sees fit to mock someone who is so clearly mentally ill. And it is absolutely outrageous that Hope not Hate has set out not only to incite people to mock someone who is so clearly mentally disturbed, but are happy to use his affliction to score petty party political points against the BNP when there is no evidence whatsoever to support an association between them and poor Mr Dutton.

Imagine if you will that Mr Hershman was an EDL supporter and he had made that comment on an EDL page about Muslims. Hope not Hate would be baying for his blood all over their front page. Instead, as the comment was only about a poor, deluded soul whose mental illness makes him think he's a Nazi general, violence is perfectly acceptable. Hope not Hate's unspoken subtext is 'do as I say, not as I do'. Lowles, Smeeth, Morphett and the rest must be fortunate indeed to never have had contact with a family member who suffers from the sort of crippling mental illness suffered by Mr Dutton. Or perhaps they see the answer to Mr Dutton through the prism of their Stalinism - their political hero would after all have ensured that someone as clearly in need of medical treatment as he would have disappeared quite quickly.

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