Friday, 12 July 2013

New Hope not Hate magazine now out - read our round up!

Unlike Hope not Hate, we don't have a magazine - or any other cheap tat produced by slave labour in the Far East - to flog to readers of our blog and Facebook page.

We see that Hope not Hate are busy trying to flog issue 9 of their magazine through their website and their Facebook page. It features such delights as:

  • Woolwich Report - We are the MANY (but not too many, as reflected by HnH meeting attendances). A special feature trying to cash in on the death of a soldier, while linking it to their political aims - exactly what they accuse the EDL and BNP of doing, in fact.
  • Putting Extremists in the Spotlight - featuring a token picture and a sentence condemning Anjem Choudhary, and then focussing on the EDL while ignoring Mohammed al Arefe and Yasser al Habib.
  • International News - where they demonstrate their lack of historical perspective and attack the Baltic states for viewing the Nazis as liberators from Soviet rule
  • Let's talk about UKIP - the results of their 'consulation' on UKIP in which - surprisingly - they decide to attack UKIP despite it being neither racist nor fascist. Still, they've gotta keep the money rolling in somehow from their Union and Labour paymasters.
  • Also Featuring - page after page of turgid, poorly written hypocrisy
  • Not Featuring in this issue - Anything to do with Imam Alyas Karmani's anti-grooming initiative, the 'Together Against Grooming' campaign, any of the Labour politicians accused of racism, Denis McShane and his theft, Unite fiddling Labour selection processes, anything to do with HOPE.
We bring you this round-up as a public service, and to save you the cost of buying it. There's nothing new, nothing which wasn't pre-decided, just 48 pages of hate and no visible sign of hope as they continue their slide into irrelevancy.

Perhaps next time they could print it on soft paper though - maybe two ply - and make it less slippery?

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