Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Standing room only at Jewish Chronicle sponsored public meeting with Farage

We've been busy with other things for the past few days here at Nope, not Hope, but a picture has come to our attention this evening which we felt we had to share with the hypocrites at Hope not Hate.

According to Hope not Hate, these are xenophobes awaiting
Nigel Farage's speech.......
Tonight, UKIP leader Nigel Farage is addressing a meeting organised by the Jewish Chronicle 'somewhere in NW4' - sadly, the meeting details have had to be kept secret since Hope not Hate started sending along their UAF bully boys to disrupt UKIP events.

Now, we know that Nick Lowles and his colleagues are used to addressing rows of empty chairs, so we feel we should explain that the picture shows guests - who had to apply for tickets in advance - at tonight's meeting. This is what a busy meeting looks like.

.... while these people are closet racists.
This meeting, following as it does Mr Farage's visit to the Ghousia Mosque a couple of weeks ago, would seem to indicate that - far from being the xenophobic little Englander and closet racist which Hope not Hate constantly accuse him (and UKIP as a whole) of being - he is actually rather successful at reaching all sections of our community.

This is why they fear UKIP so much, and why they have given up fighting racism and fascism in favour of playing at party politics:

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